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Hydrophilic Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent QG-200 - 翻译中...

Hydrophilic Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent QG-200 - 翻译中...

Hydrophilic formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyeing that obviously improves various fabric fastness.

[Main composition]
Polycationic compound.

[General properties]

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow liquid
Ionicity: Cationic
pH: 3-5
Solubility: Easily soluble in water
Stability: Resisting acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water..

[Product features]

1. The unusual feature is no influence on hydrophilic soft hand feels.
2. Negligible shade change and does not affect original shades.
3. After treatment, soaping fastness had improved obviously.
4. Outstanding alkali resistant and use in mercerizing after cotton fastness.
5. Free of formaldehyde and complies with environmental requirement.


To guarantee subsequent fixing performance, please rinse the dyed fabrics completely to remove residual dyestuffs salts and alkali before fixing .Soaping if necessary.
1. Dipping
QG-200: 1-3% (O.W.F)
Bath ratio: 1: 15-20
Temperature & time: 30-50℃ × 15-20 min
Procedure: Dyed fabrics → Dip in fixing bath for 15-30 min at 30-50℃→ Rinse → Dry

2. Padding
QG-200: 10-30 g/L
Procedure: Dyed fabrics → Twice dip & pad in fixing bath at room temperature → Dry.


The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

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