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Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion 920B - 翻译中...

Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion 920B - 翻译中...

Suitable for fabric soft smooth finish

[General properties]

Appearance: white with blue emulsion
Ionicity: cation
Solubility: dilute with water at any ratio
centrifugal stability(3000r/min):≥15min。

[Product features]
This product is mainly used for polyester thread after dyed soft finishing, after finishing the polyester line smooth and soft, good for the polyester thread high-speed sewing. This product is also used for cotton, wool, linen, silk etc. finishing, it can improve the fabric elasticity, improve the handle, reduce wear and tear, enhance fiber strength, use for the fabric durable press finishing.


1. Dacron finishing:

2. Resin finishing:

3. Other finishing:
Dip dyeing:1-3%(o.w.f)
Pad dyeing:10-30g/l

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, sealed and stored at room temperature quality guarantee period 6 months.

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