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Stripping Agent HB - 翻译中...

Stripping Agent HB - 翻译中...

[Brief information]

In high temperature and high pressure conditions, stripping agent HD is to prompt the fabric dyes from high concentration to low concentration or solution to transfer, suitable for polyester dyeing repair color, leveling and stripping.

[Main composition]

Mixtures of special polyether surfactants and solvents; Special polymer compound.

[General properties]
-- Appearance: yellow transparent liquid
-- Ionicity: anion / nonionic
-- Solubility:  easily dispersed in water

-- pH: 5-7

[Product features]

1. Suitable for stripping of VAT, sulfur and reactive dyestuffs. Suitable for polyester dyed fabric with color repairing, and stripping.
2. Compared with traditional process, easily strips dyestuffs on fabrics with even performance and does not damage fibres.
3. Free of formaldehyde and APEO and complies with environmental requirements.
4. Strong dyeing migration force for disperse dyes , the color is basically unchanged after the dyeing defect repair.
5. Excellent dispersion, levelness, permeability.


High concentration product and can be diluted 1.5-2 times. Recommended dosage and conditions:

1. Padding (steam tank)
HT- HB:    10-15 g/L
Sodium hydrosulfite: 30-35 g/L
NaOH: 30-35 g/L
Time: 2-3 min at steaming

2. Dipping (jig dyeing machine)
HT- HB:    2-4 g/L
Sodium hydrosulfite: 3-5 g/L
NaOH: 3-5 g/L
Temperature & time: 95-100℃ × 60 min

3. Color repairing
HD:  0.5-1.5 g/l
Bath ratio:  1:10 ~ 1:20
Temperature & time:  125 ~ 130 ℃ x 20 ~ 40 min

4. Stripping
HD:   1-3 g/l
Insurance powder:  3-5 g/l
Sodium hydroxide:  3-8 g/l
Bath ratio:  1:10 ~ 1:20
Temperature & time:  125 ~ 130 ℃ x 20 ~ 40 min

5. Leveling agent (disperse dyes)
Disperse dyes:    x %  o.w.f
Repair agent:  0.5-1.0 g/l
pH: 5
Bath ratio: 1:20
Temperature & time: 125 ~ 130 ℃ x 20 ~ 40 min

[Packaging and storage]

125 kg/polyethylene drum, 12 months in sealed container at room temperature.

[Order MOQ]

Normally, order MOQ is 3 tons per model and we can offer lowest price with more quantity.


We can support LCL shipment and FCL shipment, for LCL shipment, we will pack the goods with wool pallet to save the products during transportation.

[Sample supply]
If you need samples for testing, please feel free to contact us, we will recommend suitable products according to your requirement. Contact HT fine chemical manufacturer for the best stripping agent.
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