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ওয়াশিং শিল্পে অক্জিলিয়ারির সুপারিশ

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Washing is one of the important steps in the process of finishing. Developing with time, washing become the more and more important in the coming textile industry.

Scouring water is the use of chemical additives, stone (or rubber ball), to wash the finish clothes or fabrics in rolling washing machine in order to achieve clean, soft, faded, old and other purposes. In order to achieve a certain effect, we can change the temperature, washing time, the type and amount of chemical raw materials to improve the hand-feeling color, visual effect and serviceability of fabric. In order to get the comprehensive effect above said, we can use different methods of washing and washing agent. But the choosing of washing method and washing agent, depends on the customer's requirements and the desired effect. We share this document to our customers.

1. The auxiliary in the preliminary treatment
High definition silicone oil
Special white (increase contrast)
Bleaching resin (fasten ground color)
Desizing enzyme ( pretecting color)
Ultra low formaldehyde resin

Do you still worry about the cobbling and staining? The effect of the following retard agent will give you a satisfactory!

2. Retard agent
Retarding Agent for Acrylic RCT
Super Retarding Agent H
Anti-staining agent

Enzyme wash is a kind of washing method with the adding of enzyme in washing water. In fact, as a kind of cellulase enzyme, under certain PH and temperature conditions, it can degrade fiber structure. If we properly adjust the amount, we will get ride of the spot and old feeling, yarn end on the fabic, and we will get smooth hand-feeling, and reach fresh, natural visual effect.

3. Enzyme
Enzyme liquid
Bio-polishing Enzyme QM-111(remove exposed the pale and yarn end, improve the fabric hand feels and shine; reduce pilling and improve hydrophilicity)
Enzyme Powder NZS (good anti re-dyeing, Quick bio-polishing)
Enzyme JS-100  (Efficiently removes fluff and yarn ends)

Enzyme powder
Scouring Enzyme SM ( green chemical, prevents fibre excessive damage, Scouring enzyme improves whiteness, easily wash off)
Soaping Enzyme 2140B(good soaping fastness and easy to wash)

With the decline of fabric dyeing quality in the clothing market, and the requirement on wash clothing increased. Color fixing agent is urgently needed for dyeing industry.

4. Color fixing agent
Fixing Agent for Polyester DG-1(contains large number of non-ionic surfactant amino silicone oil, Polyester fixing agent)
Fixing Agent Y
Fixing Agent for Sulfur Dyes LG26 (Dissolvability, Mix ability, Stability)
Fixing Agent for Acid Dyes GTR (Few discoloration and avoid the stripping effectively)
Fixing Powder for Acid Dyes NRS (Concentrated products that can dilute to 3-5 times)
Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent WPB (Resistant to chlorine bleaching, Slight shade change, Negligible shade fades, improves fastness)
Fixing Agent for Acid Dyes SP (Excellent dye fixing performance on nylon webbing)
Chlorine-resistant Fixing Agent GT25 (Chlorine resistance reaches over 150 PPM)
Fixing Agent WB without Shades Change

Fixing Agent for Printing with Acid Dyes HT-505 (prevent staining on white fabric)
With a certain proportion of softener, we can change the fabric handle, soft, fluffy and smooth effect. Softening is the important finishing process of dyeing process, in order to make the fabric a soft, smooth and comfortable feel, we need to make finishing. And the softener is widely used in finishing. The use of softener can make the fiber itself has the flexibility to adapt to the processing conditions to avoid damage, so the textile softener is a kind of important textile auxiliaries.

5. Softening agent
Silicone Softener
Shearing Stable Silicone Softener HT-688 (suitable for use in jet machine for its outstanding stability to alkali and high temperature condition)
Super Soft Silicone Softener 3162 (Suitable for various fabrics with super soft, smooth and silky hand feels)
Concentrated Silicone Softener (Excellent softening to cotton, linen, polyester, wool and other fibres)
New Type Polyether Silicone Softener SR-183 (new organic silicone polymer)
Silicone Softener Thickener (increase the organic silicone emulsion viscosity, has sticky handfeeling)
Epoxy Silicone Softener T22BC (new generation of organic silicon high-grade smooth type softener)
Silicone Softener with Cool Hand Feels HT-266B
Terpolymer Silicone Softener SR
(no affect decontamination effect)
Terpolymer Silicone Softener SR (Hydrophilic Silicone Softener for Nylon SR-20)

Non-silicone series
Softening Agent HR-100 (Suitable for all kinds of fabric soft treatment)
Whitening Softener HR-600 (for cotton, polyester/cotton bleaching and whitening textile softening)
Smooth Softening Paste HT-188 (good hydrophilicity, especially suitable for towels, underwear for hydrophilic fabric)
Hydrophilic Non-yellowing Softening Paste HT-200 (cationic softener, concentrated hydrophilic softener)

6.  Fluorescent whitening agent
Whitening Softener HR-600 (Low yellowing, Low foaming and viscosity, Emulsion stability)

White Paste 8189 (make the fabric outstanding comfortable and stiffening hand feeling
7. Dyeing series
Dyeing Acid S30 (special macromolecule organic, ideal substitute for acetic acid)

8. Yellowing resistance finishing
Phenolic Yellowing Resistant Agent for Nylon 2191 (Efficiently prevents storage yellowing due to the contact between white or pale nylon fibre and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) while BHT occurs in most plastic bags)

Hydrophilic Non-yellowing Softening Paste HT-200(Suitable for cotton, silk, wool, polyester, nylon and other fibres, as well as denim garments, washing fabrics, sweaters, towels)
9.Functional finishing agent
Silicone Spot Stripping Agent E
Silicone Spot Stripping Agent BG50
White Paste 8189
Light Fastness Improver RL
Weighting Agent ZL
Wax Removing Agent 8012B
Anti-pilling Agent 8168
Antisatic Agent KD
Moisture Absorption and Perspiration Dischargable Agent

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